Thursday, August 22, 2013

When in doubt go back...

This afternoon from my first full day back as an educator I came home with my grumpy pants on.  I was not happy when my alarm sounded this Thursday morning.  I don't want to get out of bed now I mumbled to myself sprawled out in my heavenly Tempur Pedic bed.  Even my sympathetic dog Bogey could't believe our summer break came and went and we were back to the before seven am rise and shine schedule.  

My professional development day at work was informative filled with long periods of sitting in uncomfortable chairs and doing a lot of listening.  We got to connect with the entire faculty and discuss with various colleagues about our teaching practice and most importantly re-learn how to 'work' for 8 hours in a day.  At times I felt the emotions of frustration, fatigue and discomfort.  AND I had moments of laughter, joy and most of all appreciation for the work I do and the community I work in.  

Nonetheless, I came home tired and grumpy at an early hour of 4pm.  I had paintings filling my apartment that wanted to be worked on.  My body couldn't even see the possibility of how to muster up the energy to paint this afternoon.  

After sitting outside in my newly re-designed apartment garden (thanks to my man) with my trustworthy glass of wine I let my feelings of the day wander.  I let the Genius playlist take me into a classical moment.  I opened up my Anselm Kiefer art book and decided to go back. Back to an artist who had in previous years inspired me to make art and put something down.  For whatever reason many modernist German artists' artwork resonate with me.  As I turned each page, I revisited paintings, plates and sketches from Kiefer's practice. 

 Gradually, my personally taken photographs from hiking in Point Mugu started to remind me of the layered colors, textures and of course feelings that I experienced during that overcast and eery morning in June of this year.  The Point Mugu terrain that morning reminded me of the images I looked at when I studied Kiefer's work in art school.  I sat in my garden knowing that going back to history, to other artists and in particular German artist Anselm Kiefer would revive "my first day back at work grumpy pants syndrome.' 

After having gone back I look forward to seeing where this goes forward 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Paul's Beach

I recently returned from my yearly vacation from Cabo San Lucas where many of my painting inspirations come to me.  All the different seascapes, colors and textures whirled around in my mind everywhere I stepped.  On my last full day of my trip I retreated to my favorite beach in Cabo, Paul's Beach.  The road leading up to the palapa is private and therefore the beach is completely open for my to be.  That incredible day, I set up my painting studio on a wooden log, sipped my Pacifico and let the vibrant beach colors seep into my watercolor paper.  I dabbed my pigmented brush on the ice cubes from the cooler and watched as the pools of color slip and slide off the cube and applied my paint onto the paper.  I felt so free and I was engaged with my artwork.  I enjoyed being in my palapa studio in Mexico.  This experience left a memory for me that no matter what kind of studio, it can always be as freeing as a vacation at Paul's Beach to me. 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

The show was a huge success! We raised over $1,100 for the organization Givology! Thank you everyone for your support. Thank you Tia and Joe for making that night possible. And I want to commend my talented young artist third graders who painted their hearts out and raised $700 for education in other countries in need.

Check out the amazing video Blake Hill made about the magical night!